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superAccess is an Australian invention and was designed and patented as a multipurpose structural made up of numerous unique components to construct any design.

superAccess is similar to MECCANO and LEGO, therefore installation is easy and safe.

All Fitness Structure or Rigs on the market today are designed by others and you only get one design. What you see is what you get.

superAccess is flexible, can be altered at any time for different requirement, you design your own Fitness Structure and change it whenever you require to do so.

Assembly of a Fitness Tower is easy using the pre-drilled Beams for easy connections. All Components are manufactured with high quality control and hot dipped galvanised steel.

Beams or Boxes are of different sizes 1120mm, 1680mm, 2240mm or 3360mm or can be manufactured to your premises requirements. The Beams and Boxes mixed with other superAccess components can also construct any towers or framework to suit your requirements big or small.

Each Fitness Tower can be dismantled and re-assembled to any designs including a small Support Tower or a huge Training Tower 30m high by 30m x 30m base with all sorts of stairs, ramps, fitness station, resting platform, boot camp station, obstacle course, etc.

Your imagination is the only limit for the designs or use the multipurpose superAccess Fitness Tower including a Café, Restaurant and viewing platform at the top of a large structure.

The pre-drilled beams have 18mm holes using M16 bolts in a grid of 80mm spacing horizontally and vertically, the attachments are easy to install and can be bolted anywhere.

Using the pre-drilled holes bolt on any of the following attachments can be bolted to the tower:

• Gymnastic rings and/or Ring Thing (Harness assisted Gymnastic rings)
• Monkey Bars
• Parallel Bars
• Peg Boards
• Climbing Ropes
• Ninja Warrior course attachments
• Squat rack bays
• Salmon Ladders
• Boxing Bags
• Stall Bars
• Pull Up Bars
• Hand Stand Support Panels
• Or any other attachment

If you require a superAccess Fitness Tower big or small, contact us.

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