Conditioning and Performance

Here at Studio Evolution Fitness we are all about building a better YOU. We don’t want to train you to become the fittest athlete imaginable, nor do we want to push you past your limits so that you feel like you’re going to collapse. We want to dip your toes into training zones where you might feel some discomfort, you might be breathing much higher above your normal rate and where you at times might not particularly feel like you can continue on – but you can, and we’ll be right there to guide you through it.

We focus on short based interval work using our vast array of indoor machines whilst complimenting it with more personal favourites like boxing, skipping, burpees (oh no, did someone just say burpees!) and outdoor running intervals depending on your preference.

Embrace the sweat & develop amazing fitness. Our program design is to help you work harder for longer AND importantly recover faster between efforts. Each workout is based around the H.I.I.T methodology (High Intensity Interval Training) comprising of various types of exercises for scaled levels of ability from beginner to intermediate and advanced. Sounds pretty serious right? Well, it is but at the end of the day it is a great way to encourage consistency and provides excellent motivation to keep testing our own abilities. It’s also a fun way to progress through the hard work, dedication & commitment. Also, a bit of friendly competition against other clients also creates a vibrant atmosphere and where you can gauge your performance against others. Our expectation is for everyone to have pushed themselves, taken their overall fitness to a new level but most of all enjoyed the experience. Worth doing, right?

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