Our Story

Studio Evolution Fitness opened its doors in the heart of Balmain in 2002. The goal? To raise awareness of health & fitness in the community by enabling people to create their own personal evolution; becoming stronger, fitter, healthier and happier. 20 years later Studio Evolution Fitness continues to actively assist the community to become more aware of the need to invest in their health.

“People are working harder & longer placing added stress on families, especially young families. Being a father of two, I can relate to the lack of time we have to devote to ourselves. I’ve developed a training system specifically to suit our community. Our clients are eased into their program to ensure they have time to adjust to new life habits. Some adjustments can and need to be quite drastic but as long as the client realises these changes are absolutely necessary then we can work together patiently to achieve success. We train our clients to exercise more efficiently, eat more purposefully and think positively which I believe are the 3 key elements for change.” Maren Preston, Director & founder of Studio Evolution Fitness Studio Evolution Fitness offers unquestionable depth in quality coaching & a combined experience of over 40 years in the fitness industry. Through a journey of compassion, science and systemised health management watch yourself change in ways you never thought possible… EVOLVE.

Start your evolution with Maren and his invaluable Trainers – Victoire, PJ, Andrea & Giovanni.

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