Outdoor Group Training


Love training in the outdoors? Well here’s your answer…our Outdoor Group Training classes are the perfect way to work on all facets of fitness in an outdoor environment!

Using the back drop of Mort bay on the waters edge, we leave no stone unturned in these sessions and keep the momentum flowing with a vast array of strength & conditioning drills & skills. We have sourced the best equipment bringing the indoors to the outdoors.

We cater for 20 people all with a common goal in mind – to enhance & improve their strength, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility/mobility and overall health & well-being in a group environment. Although we do include resistance based exercises (Barbells, Dumbells, ViPR, Kettlebells & resistance bands) we like to put a strong emphasis on Bodyweight exercise as this is where you can excel and improve on your functional strength not to mention core strength!

We hold this class every Wednesday morning at 6:15am. These 60minute classes are designed for those who like to train with others, but without the mass numbers of 20+ people. We like to keep the classes in control so we can keep a strict eye on technique not to mention offer constant attention & motivation to the individual members which can often get lost in large groups.

These fun yet challenging sessions cater for all abilities – all you need to do is show up and we’ll ensure you get the best workout possible!

  • Sessions at 6:15am EVERY Wednesday for 12 Weeks (1 hour) $45.00

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