Ninja Warrior Course Training

Want to become a ninja? Fancy flying through the air? Do you want to challenge yourself in a way you could only dream of?…Well, this is for YOU! Our 12 Stage Ninja Warrior course is waiting for you. Whether you just want to have some fun on it and play around or whether it’s time to get really serious and test yourself in our “Furthest & Fastest” competition, you’re going to have a blast! Every competitor receives a rank on our prestigious Ninja Ranking board so come and have a play – but don’t forget your grip strength!

We run 2 Ninja classes (45mins) on Wednesday evenings at 6:00pm and Saturday mornings at 7:30am where you can really work on your skill development.

Below we will demonstrate each individual stage of our 12 Stage Course detailing the hidden tricks and secrets to getting through to the very end…Mount SISU!!

Stage 1: “Let’s Go Island Hopping”

The objective of this stage is to simply get to Stage 2 “Ring Swing” by leaping across the platforms without touching the floor – touch the floor with any part of your body and YOU’RE OUT! Very do-able for even the most modest of ninjas, just a little teaser for the stages to follow. See you soon for Stage 2…

Stage 2: Ring Swing”

Complete this stage and you know you’ve got some talent as a Ninja! All you need to do is get across the 5 rings without touching the floor – looks easy right? Well, it pretty much is as long as you have a decent grip not to mention the ability to swing like a monkey!
This stage is the first real test for your arms & shoulders so ensure you warm up adequately beforehand.

Stage 3: “On The Ropes”

After getting through Stage 2 “Ring Swing”, you have ONE objective in Stage 3 – get those rings!
Tarzan (or Jane) your way across 4 ropes and retrieve the 2 rings hanging up on the other side, because you need these for Stage 4! Careful though, don’t get tangled up or you’re in all sorts of trouble…
Make sure you can lock that rope with your feet as you need to save your arms for the rest of the course – get through this stage effectively and efficiently is the plan. Good luck!

Stage 4: “Ring Toss”

Ok, so you now have the rings – all you have to do now is use them to navigate your way across the rungs and get to the end. This stage is all about timing of the swing (and a little bit of grip strength!) so ensure you have your rhythm stick! One again, you want to get through this stage as quickly as possible so as not to carry too much fatigue into Stage 5…because your gonna need it!!!

Stage 5: “Trapeze Alley”

Stage 5 brings us to our trickiest stage yet – Trapeze Alley! Navigate your body across 3 trapezes with a pretty tricky ball grab in the middle of it all – just in case it’s not hard enough, miss time your ball grab and it’s all over red rover!
Lastly, ensure you get a double hand hold on the last trapeze to complete the stage ✊?✊?

Stage 6: “Doughnut Anyone?”

Welcome to the halfway point of our Ninja Warrior course! So far it’s been fairly straight forward and cruisy with a few technical spots…but that’s all about to change!!
Stage 6 brings us to “Doughnut Anyone?” Where you have to swing your way through 3 different sized doughnut rings all increasing in grip difficulty. Couple this with a couple of overhead vertical grip bombs and you’ve got yourself a damn tough stage!
This stage requires a strong thought process as well as a good grip strength married with a decent swing ability so you better do your homework on this one ?. Get through this stage and you are well on your way – oh, and you can’t eat these doughnuts at the end either.

Stage 7: “Monkey Mania”

Right, you’re over half way through our course – by this time your grips & forearms should be feeling nice and fuzzy & warm…or just about ready to explode!!
Stage 7 “Monkey Mania” is a super quick stage which requires super quick grip exchanges – make sure you get the correct hand on the obstacle grips or it’ll be sure to end your journey and send you back to ninja school for extra homework.
Navigate your way through the monkey bars first, then the tricky rope grab to handle grab has proved to be most ninjas nemesis! Finish the stage off by ending with a 2 handed hold onto the last trapeze. Sounds simple right? Get through this stage and you are a real contender to finish the course!

Stage 8: “Mayhem Mile”

Stage 8 truly deserves its name, it’s a manic combination of assorted grip holds at varying heights and distances, not to mention a tricky grip transfer on the same hand onto the dreaded candlesticks – causing absolute chaos for your body & mind!
Starting with an awkward bear hug bag swing at the start, this is the last stage before proceeding into the balance stages so this is one of the last tests for your grip strength until you reach the final stage…

Stage 9: “Ninja Assault”

Yep, you guessed it – unlike most other Ninja courses we’ve gone a little “off piste” with this stage and thrown you ninjas into absolute cardio chaos with a 10 calorie Assault Bike doozy to further challenge you!
Why have we done this you ask? Well, hundreds of years ago Ninjas used to ride their bikes to their next battle…umm, maybe not but it would make complete sense right?
In this stage you have one job and one job only – to get down those stairs & knock out those 10 calories as quickly as you can and get back up to Stage 10 – but be careful, there are some big balance stages just around the corner and these stages are twice as difficult with a heart rate that is sky rocketing through the roof…

Stage 10: “To Beam Or Not To Beam”

Welcome to the first of our 2 extremely challenging balance stages!
By now your arms might be feeling a few inches longer from all the hanging and swinging in previous stages, not to mention your heart rate booming from the Assault Bike in the last stage…so now is a good time to compose yourself and hold steady across the beams!
Be careful though, this stage is trickier than it looks and if you fall it’s all over – lots of core strength and upper body support strength is needed, so ensure you’re prepared. Only 2 stages left after this, and you’ve come this far you don’t want to fail now!

Stage 11: “Slackline Street”

Almost at the end…But we decided to not make it easy on you even though you can smell the finish – or is that just the smell of you that’s cooked ??‍♂️
If you’re doing well for overall time so far this is one stage that can mess you up and cause absolute frustration.
After Stage 10’s beam balancing heroics, you have to again hero your way across the dreaded SLACKLINE! No easy feat getting across this bad boy, so we’ve given you a small break – this is the only stage where if you come off and touch the floor it’s not over – you just have to start back at the beginning of the stage till you make it across.
Don’t be fooled though, a few failed attempts on this stage will really hurt your overall finishing time which is so important so don’t let frustration get the better of you.
Make it across here and you’ve made it to the penultimate stage – Stage 12!!

Stage 12: “Triple Threat”

You’ve made it!! Well, to the last stage at least…you’ve got just 1 stage left before ringing that bell at the top of Mount SISU!
Now this stage is one cruel mistress. You have to get through the hanging bombs, to the single Tarzan rope swing to the final descent down the double ropes and then back up the single rope to ring the bell. Easy huh?
Touch that floor on the way down the descent and you are OUT so keep those feet up!!
Your arms should have had a nice rest in the previous 2 or 3 stages so you just have to ask them for one more final effort – have you got what it takes to ring that bell?…We’ll soon find out!

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