Andrea Loffler

Andrea, or An as we like to call her was very active as a child and a teen who enjoyed a wide range of activities such as dancing, rollerblading, skiing and competitive swimming.

Prior to starting her career in Coaching, An held a marketing job and exercised in local gyms for CrossFit & Olympic lifting, Calisthenics moves, Animal Flow and TRX, constantly curious in exploring. Her first step out of the corporate life was by completing her Yoga Teacher Training, where she shortly after started holding classes on the beaches, in parks and in small facilities. After that she decided to make the big change – becoming a Coach!

Now, as a member of the Studio Evolution Fitness team, she is combining her specialization in Strength & Conditioning and Mobility training together with coordinating the right breathing.

Andrea’s Motto and goal for all her clients is: “Move with ease – pain and injury free!”. She believes that being fit, active and healthy is not just physical, but also a state of mind and that exercising and movement is for everyone, regardless of age, gender or the current fitness level.

An finds great joy in seeing clients progress, improving their energy levels, proving that we can work around injuries and improve physical limitations.

Reaching unique goals – whether this is learning a new skill, teaching breathwork or dropping kilos on the scale. She will support and encourage members to get out of their comfort zone both physically and mentally, getting the most out of their sessions, as she always likes to say: “Your only limit is you! So come in and we make the impossible possible!”

Due to her passion in eating healthy and nutritious food, she studies additionally Holistic Health in her spare time – otherwise you can find her bouldering on one of the walls in Sydney ?

Andrea also believes living a quality life involves good balance, including a cheeky drink in the sun.

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