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Developed by national champion gymnast, David Durante and former elite gymnast turned stuntman, Shane Geraghty, the Ring Thing® is a modified and updated version of a gymnastics training tool made specifically for the development of technically correct ring skills.

Specialized pulley system
This incredible device uses a specialized pulley system to reduce body weight by half (50%), allowing users to do exercises they never thought possible. A variety of skills such as muscle ups, handstand push-ups, front/back levers, planches, as well as ring push-ups, rows, and pistol squats can be properly developed.

Easy to use
The Ring Thing® can easily be hung from heights ranging from 8-15ft and has a quick set-up and take-down process, making it an ideal tool for functional fitness gyms, gymnastics gyms, or even as a home training machine.

Designed to improve
The Ring Thing® was designed with Harken (rated) Pulleys with swivels, allowing the user to move freely through forward and backward movements without the webbing above tangling. It also has a Cobra (military-grade) quick release belt, ensuring safety and quick attachment for moving through WODs. The harness material was designed to give a comfortable, non-slip surface while contacting skin. The Ring Thing® is a must have for anyone looking to improve their skills on RINGS.

Set up (Easy Rack Storage)

Set up (Adjusting the Waist Belt)

Setting up The Ring Thing

The Ring Thing Customer Service Guide

The Ring Thing® comes in:

Adult (Yellow 26″-36″ waist sizes)
Kids’ (Blue 20″-30″ waist sizes)
XL (Yellow 32″- 40″ waist sizes)

Total investment: $399.00
Plus Shipping and Handling: $0

30 Day Money Back Guarantee. 3 Year Manufacturer Warranty (against any broken parts, when used according to the User Manual).