Group Training

It’s time to EVOLVE. Our Evolution Group Training Fitness sessions create a vibrant atmosphere of youthful adventure. Explore your own strengths and capabilities in a team environment but still receive the individual attention from one of our expert trainers. We cater for all levels of fitness and ability in every class with class size limited to 6 people, except for Evolution Run where we take up to 20 per session.

Our standard month to month membership of $33/week enables unlimited classes from Monday to Saturday. We also offer casual drop in classes and 5 & 10 packs for those wanting to simply try us out!

**Please download the MINDBODY app to set up your personal profile, view payment options and class bookings**

Below is a brief description of our classes to help you decide which class suits your training goals


This is group training with a difference. Intimate groups under the watchful eyes of our highly experienced trainers bringing together elements of strength, interval (H.I.I.T) & cardiovascular training and mobility. It’s dynamic and effective total body training in a unique, fun & inspiring environment. We combine resistance training, functional movement patterns & bodyweight strength skill development whilst all the time keeping core stability of paramount importance…Unleash your inner athlete.


Round out your strength & cardiovascular training with our active stretch & mobility class. Develop greater range of motion, mobility, suppleness, neuromuscular coordination and facilitate recovery. This class has a multidimensional approach designed to create length alongside strength. By combining elements of yoga, fluid & static stretching & other unique/functional movement patterns this class is suitable for those just beginning to discover the benefits of exercise to those who have been training for years. Regardless of your experience and ability, we will take your body to a new level…It’s time to evolve.


If you are looking to improve your running ability and technique then this is the class for you! Explore your inner runner whether just starting out, a weekend warrior or even a seasoned competitor – we cater for all levels of running fitness & ability. Taking advantage of Balmains iconic running spots such as Mort Bay, Ballast Point and the quiet backdrop of White Bay parklands these sessions will challenge, motivate & excite with new formats and courses every week…It’s time to run with purpose.


Animal Flow is an innovative fitness program that combines quadrupedal and ground based movement with elements from various body weight training disciplines to create a fun, challenging workout focusing on multi-planar, fluid movement. No matter what your sport or fitness goal is, Animal Flow will improve your mobility, strength, endurance and power. You can use any of the six Animal Flow’s components to meet your specific goals and being a since no equipment is required, you can easily implement it into your training and practice anywhere.

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