PJ Magalhaes

Be the weirdo!

PJ has moved all his life, particularly through his love of futebol (soccer), however he has never been particularly strong, fast, nor flexible. His previous life as a freelance illustrator made him even less so.
Becoming a swimming instructor (out of necessity to earn a living) changed all that. Teaching both adults and children with a spectrum of abilities, he was able to appreciate and see the benefits of learning to use one’s own body better, both for mobility and for confidence in oneself and how that translates to the rest of life. However it was the 2 years of backpacking in Asia and Europe that cemented his need to learn and share about moving and feeling better.

Since then, that need has only grown stronger! He’s done Hatha Yoga Teacher Training, calisthenics exploration with his body, became an Intermediate Gymnastics Coach, fell in love with meditation, and has joined Studio Evolution where he can practice being a ninja and juggling! He’s always on the lookout for some more learning about how to move better so he can share it.

The two most important things that he would like to be able to share are: the skill to not care about what others think and to develop an awareness for listening to your own body (how you feel, think, breath and move) – basically, learn to be your own weirdo! Move, dance, get stronger, meditate, wiggle, swim, climb, whatever you like to do with your body, do it carefree and have fun. Life is definitely a journey but the moment to enjoy it is right now! 🙂

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