Gym Membership

Becoming a gym member with us is easy. Getting the results you want is even easier. The hard work is going to come from you, but we are here to be there for you every step of the way. Our Member Care policy ensures that all members are looked after and their training needs are met at the highest standard.

The three C’s in our Member Care policy are;

Challenge  Our aim is to challenge each of our members ensuring purposeful training. As individuals, we are all challenged in different ways so one of our key aims is to ensure that every member is challenged to their level and ability. We facilitate this through our unique and individually designed 12 Week Personalised Training Plan (see below).

Comfortable  We pride our training environment in being super friendly, non intimidating and a comfortable place to put your head down and work hard towards your goals.

Consistency  We realise the importance to continually implement strategies that will encourage and educate our members. Our primary message being that the key to progress and results is consistency.


To ensure your training journey here starts in the best possible way, we ask all new members to participate in our 3 Week “Walk on” program. This program is designed to introduce you to our facility and equipment in a simple yet effective manner, consisting of lots of foundational strength movements and non complicated cardio workouts added with some mobility & flexibility drills as well.

After you complete your first 3 weeks we will set up a time to sit down with you and discuss how you went, revise the sessions that you completed in the Walk On Program and take on board any feedback that you may have. By the end of your first 3 weeks, you should be equipped both physically and mentally to start your amazing journey here and from here we can discuss whether you’d like us to develop a more personalised Training Plan based around your current health & fitness goals (see below).



At Studio Evolution Fitness, we pride our member support through our exclusive 12 Week Personalised Training Plan where members can access a 12 week guided training program of strength, cardio & mobility through our on-line app partner TRAINERIZE. Your program will be designed by one of our expert Trainers and will be specific to you and your current training goals. All exercises will include a video & audio demonstration/explanation to ensure correct technique and safety not to mention helpful teaching cues to maximise their training experience. No stone is left unturned here folks, total professional training access at your fingertips.

Our 12WPTP creates the platform for consistency, which is what we believe is the key for sustainable results.


Our facility is comprised with the latest state of the art equipment and an amazing fully qualified team of 5 motivating expert Trainers. We are here to take your fitness where you never thought imaginable.

Cardiovascular Training

Our facility will re-ignite your fitness and motivation levels ensuring you get the results you are looking for. Consisting of a variety of the latest machines your indoor cardio training is in good hands. Rower, Curved deck Skill-Mill runner, Watt Bike & Assault Bike – we have everything you need to create the ultimate cardio experience!

Although we specialise in one on one Personal Training, we encourage all of our clients to train on their own as much as possible as this is where we believe the real results come from. Education, coaching and motivation is a limited and often quite costly resource whereas self training can be flexible, affordable and much more attractive training option in such a busy world that we live in.

Strength & Mobility

Our strength area is just the place to put yourself through a satisfying weights session or to further practice your technical skills that you’ve been learning in your PT sessions. Remember, there is no glory in practice but without practice there is no glory! Members have an option to request a personalised strength and/or mobility Training Program (12WPTP) if you feel you need some extra guidance. These programs are facilitated by one of our Trainers in a 30 minute consultation to assess ability, training goals and frequency in order to present an effective and achievable program routine. We use the on-line training platform TRAINERIZE to support your training program, giving you complete access to your training program at all times using detailed video demonstrations of each and every exercise in your program.

Playing around on all things Ninja!

The above says it all. Our facility is designed to embrace full body movement and to be fun yet challenging to even the most seasoned of warriors! A floor dedicated to almost everything bodyweight, a calisthenics playground where self exploration and testing the unknown is encouraged. From peg boards, campus rung boards and swinging ninja bombs to rope climbing, gymnastic rings and an Olympic power rack we have just the place to tune up your advanced skills training.

We always suggest that Warming up adequately is not only advised – it is essential. As the saying goes, “Failing to prepare is preparing to fail”.

Gym Membership Rates

Cost: $36/week

Looking for a 3 Month blast? Try our 12 Week Evolve Package (Includes 1 x 30 min PT session/week PLUS full Gym Membership) = $999 (save over $150!)

 — For Gym hours of operation please refer to FAQ’s under About Us —

No fixed contracts or up-front payments, just simple pay-as-you-go payments using our trusted debiting company Debit Success (our partner for 20 years) ensuring payment is safe & secure.

Lastly, we have a unique network of local reputable practitioners available if you are in need of specific therapy or rehabilitation. The list includes; a nutritionist, physiotherapist, osteopath, structural bodywork therapist & masseuse.

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