Becoming a member with us is easy. No fixed contracts or up-front payments, just simple pay-as-you-go payments every fortnight that will be adjusted based on your frequency of training. Using our trusted debiting company Paysolutions (our partner for 13 years), payment is safe & secure. Choose to train either on your own, one-on-one with a trainer or if you have a friend/partner you can train with them (more cost effective without compromising the quality of your sessions).

All of our clients are given FREE access to use our facilities from Monday to Friday 5:30am till 9:30am. This is a complimentary add on to your coaching enabling you to come in and either practice the exercises you were given in your PT session or simply just smash out a good training session. Remember, there is no glory in practice – but without practice there is no glory!

Our standard Personal Training session rate is $60.00/session.

Lastly, we have a unique network of local reputable practitioners available if you are in need of specific therapy or rehabilitation. The list includes; a nutritionist, physiotherapist, osteopath, structural bodywork therapist & masseuse.

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